Our Vision

Providing an efficient and effective public service to the client.

Our Mission

To ensure an efficient and effective public service in conformity with the policies of a state, in coordination with the local administrative divisions, in coordination of resources.


 Historical importance of Gampaha Divisional Secretariat

There are historical indications that the security of the state headquarters was surrounded by the state when Sinhalese kingdoms migrated to the southwest. During the Kotte Kingdom the main sea coast was the Negombo region. Therefore, it seems that Negombo and Gampaha were two main cities.
During the Portuguese period, the roads leading up to the upcountry had fallen into this district. Due to the colonization of the cinema at the time of Dutch, the Gampaha district gained an important place.
During the British era, the Gampaha district became a significant place in the Sri Lankan economy, due to the expansion of the railway line up to Sir Henry Ward in the Gampaha District, Ambepussa Town, Sir William Gregory, during the Governor's era, the rubber garden in Gampaha District.

Role performed at DS


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