Program to empower the Samurdhi beneficiaries in 2017

07 Samurdhi Banking societies in Gampaha Divisional Secretariat Division. There are about 6307 Samurdhi beneficiary families in the area. 74 beneficiaries will be empowered.

Accordingly, the allocation for the Gampaha Divisional Secretary Division is Rs. 2,104,425.00 million. The total amount of this program is Rs. 1499378 / - for industrial development Rs. 148997 / - for industrial activities  allocated a sum of RsRs. 477050 / -.

According to the social environment and the economic environment, the following projects are planned to be implemented according to the Industrial Development and Marketing Development Program.

Samurdhi Beneficiaries will be given five mobile vans to implement marketing programs in 5 families. Sales of groceries and beverages, wade and short eats, fruit and food beverages and plastic ornamental items.
In addition, attention has been paid to small and medium scale retailers and industrialists. Under this project, jacks and sewing machines for the garment industry were offered to provide over 74 units of fridges, scale and other utensils for house trading.

"Samurdhi Arunalu" Small and Medium Scale Development Program - 2018

Project  Numbe 




 Current progress
 Agricultural Projects       
       03               148997.00                    

  Operated for procurement. 


 Industry and Service Projects       71    1955428.00




Diriya Piyasa Housing Program -  2018


Number of approved houses -  03

Approved amount                - Rs. 600,000.00


Amount granted (for first phase) 75000 × 3 = Rs.225000.00



Social Development Program

International Cigarette and Anti-Noise Day - May 31, 2018


Following are the programs carried out by selling Flags through Samurdhi Civic Organizations in parallel to the above program: (For the year 2018)

Amount collected - Rs. 1831106.00



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